Storm View

iphone6roadHave you ever looked at an approaching storm and wondered – “just how bad is that storm?” Or you’re far from home and you want to “see” what the weather is like back home.  With Storm View, you can put yourself in the middle of any weather event anywhere in the continental US and see it in amazing 3D augmented reality.AppStoreBanneripadminiGolf

Just hold up your device like you were taking a video and see the intensity of the weather come to life.

Storm View turns the US National Weather Service’s weather radar picture into an 3D model that you can see through your iOS device’s camera. And with a range of about 40 miles, you can see what is down the road, day or night.

Great for:

– Golf
– The Beach
– The Pool
– Roadtrips
– Outdoor Parties
– Camping *with internet access 😉


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